Saturday, February 18, 2017

Word Writers: Ephesians

Word Writers™: Ephesians: Experience the Bible . . . Writing Word by WordThe book of Ephesians calls you to carry on with a rich understanding of God's love and the strength to serve those around you. Get ready to explore this magnificent book through the tried-and-tested inductive study method—with an added writing step to help you treasure each word!

In this exciting Bible study (complete with devotions, questions, and blank pages in the back), you will...

READ—Find out what these verses say.
REFLECT—Discover what these verses mean.
RESPOND—Apply these verses to your everyday life.
WRITE—Rewrite these verses to better remember them.

As you dive into Ephesians you will learn how God intends for you to walk in His love and power, daily drawing closer to Him.

I previously read and reviewed Word Writers: Philippians and in the review I explained that I did not enjoy re-writing the scripture so I didn't even attempt to try it while reading this title.  With that said, I really enjoyed the daily writing even more in this selection and really looked forward to my time to read each day.  I would definitely pick up another one if the author continues the series.

          * I received this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review *

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