Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Friends of Jesus

The Friends of JesusIn our everyday lives, friends are the people whom we spend the most time with, go through struggles with at times, and who know us best. Each of Jesus' friends; Peter, John, Matthew, Judas, Mary Magdalene, and Lazarus; traveled with Jesus and were part of His daily ministry, and each has a compelling story to tell. There were some who would question or doubt Him; and one would even betray Him. Kingsbury brings these fascinating personalities to life in ways that will not only help bring you closer to the truths found in Scripture, but also to Christ.

By combining valuable, instructive Bible study with compelling, insightful character sketches of Jesus; companions, Kingsbury provides you with a deeper understanding of the scriptural teachings featuring these fascinating people. Emotionally powerful, thought-provoking, and soulful, The Friends of Jesus will help you to appreciate the Bible and understand how it applies to your relationships with the most important people in your life.

This book was powerful is such a way that you truly felt like you could have been there.  It took Bible stories that I have heard many times and just made them fresh and new.  It was written beautifully and with such care to detail.  I haven't read the first in the series, but will be picking it up very soon.  I hope the author continues this series and that more people will experience the stories for the first time again like I did.  The series is called Life Changing, which is exactly what I hope this book will do for its readers! 

* I received this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review *

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